Compass EQ

    Compass Equestrian Division

    Compass's Equestrian Division enables Kim to refer clients to a network of equestrian agents with representatives in 75+ equestrian markets. 'Compass' Equestrian Division allowed me to ramp it up to the next level. It's the only company with a network of agents that specialize in this area," Kim explains. "That agent will know everything about what this particular equestrian is going to need for their horses."

    Finding Buyers

    Kim's high-caliber production videos blend drone video and photos, and HD images with music to tell a property's story in three minutes. Videos distribute nationally through horse shows, ad space on equestrian property platforms, and most powerfully through Compass's Equestrian Division; when a video matches a client need, a flyer with detailed information is sent to the client with the video.

    Equestrian Marketing

    When it comes to marketing, Kim owns her niche in equestrian properties. "When I started, there were maybe one or two agents who did equestrian-specific sales." Booths at horse shows allow Kim to market locally, talking in depth about properties with prospective buyers.